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Grand AM Tour of the Walls

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Hassans Walls

Grand tour of the classic All Mountain trails on Hassans Wall

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Wasn't sure how this one would end up.

Set off and caught a site of the rare and endangered Meggsie-on-a-bike, this is the second siting in 2 weeks so it appears they could be back from the brink of extinction. It was such an honour to interact with one in it's natural habitat....

Umm we headed on up and hit the Town House track and then came back around town where Meggsie decided that was enough for his second ride back in far too long.

I headed back up and repeated that track then head out through the Vale of Clwydd and up the back way. Then it was a blast down the short off roads and back up again.

I had orginally planed just to head back across the top here but change my mind and had a slow ride down the Pottery Track. She's a bit over grown and the scree slope at the bottom it marblely but OK.

A quick stop to fill my water bottle and back up I went, forgetting to restart the garmin until halfway up. Up to the look out and down the rock stares and on to Ch6. Ch6 has had a bit of a scrub up (thanks pete)and is riding nice.

Legs were starting to feel the burn but back up I went and hit the DonnyBrook trail. First section of single trail is so over grown it's hard to see in spots but still ridable. The rest has a deep cover of sticks and leave and feels a little more like skiing than MTB.

I had planned to finish here but was feeling good and convinced myself that I had enough left int he tank for a run of the Strathlone track... Alas halfway up the climb I bonked pretty bad. Just lost every thing all of a sudden. I pushed through it and got to the top but just didn't trust myself to be able to handle the trail in that state so just turned around and headed back down.

Still 7 times up the hill, not bad. a tad over 1600m vert to suffer up and enjoy down.
I didn't do either of the DH trails nor the 3 freeridish tracks but maybe a break for lunch at the pub and it could be doable to do them al by pedal power in a day... Something to aim for, maybe

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Mark 2.
Includes both DH tracks (Gun Club and Pony Express) and The strathlone track. Strathlone needs some work it was that over grown I lost the main line, then when I got back on the bottom was unridable due to several very large trees being down

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