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Hassans Walls

A Nice loop up Hassans Walls, Across the main road, out toward Bracies Lookout and then dropping down the fast Town Houses single trail

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Head on up Hassans Wall rd at the top take the left fork. A couple of fast downs and slower ups takes you across the top of the reserve on the main fire road.

You can either take the left turn toward Braceys Lookout or continue down for 300 meter and take the left into an obscure/overgrown road then reverse back up the Ewok trail to link up with the Braceys rd halfway along.

Just before the road descends to Braceys lookout it becomes tar again. Turn right just before the tar. A rough fire rd follows the ridge line out giving you some fun, flat out descending on loose baby head strewn surface.

The road ends at a rock outcrop with some abseiling/climbing cliffs to the right. Look for the Single trail in on the left. Some solid rock surface ends in a short but tough (2 or 3 meters) little pinch. At the top ignore the turn to the left and go straight. A very steep, loose section ends in a sharp right followed by a fast twisty descent.

This flattens out breifly and you have the option of a techie little rock drop (Not so techy now the kick descided to ruin our fun by removing the second two rock drops....) or swing up to the right and by pass the drop, there is a steep little bit to rejoin the main trail.

another fun tight section follows and soon you sweep down behind the town houses. up to the right once more and then down to the end.

The last bit can be dropped, down on to the road or head right next to the fence line.

be carefull on this trail as it does attract walkers and there is not much room to get off the side of the trail.

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