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3 blown lungs

You ride 10k+ offroad once a week and do some other form of exercise during the week then your fitness is average.

Southide to Rydal explore 2

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Nice loop out from Link rd to Rydal

This one was a bit better.

South side to Rydal explore 1

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Motor bike loops a bit of a mess with deadfall and ruts at the moment

This one was tough. All the hills normally doable but the first bit of single trail is all but unrideable due to dead fall meaning I was off pushing far more than I would have liked

Mitchells Way - Gum Ridge loop

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Mount Canobolas Area

From the bottom of Mitchell's Way we climbed up to Gum Ridge then back through the pines.

Glenbrook Coathanger (Euroka+Oaks)

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The Oaks

Oaks (Up), Iron Barks(Down), Bennetts Ridge(up), Oaks(up), Oaks Single(down)

Start at the Glenbrook Ranger station and follow the oaks upto Iron Barks Picnic Area. Ride down into Euroka Clearing. Take a right and follow Bennetts Ridge Firetrail back onto the oaks. Continue riding up the oaks to the gate. Return to the Ranger station via the Oaks single track.

Check out the Euroka Oaks Hot Lap Challenge

Kowan Loop with some single track

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Kowen Forest

A long loop around Kowan starting in the West. Mostly firetrail but with some single track in places.

Kowan Firetrail Loop

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Kowen Forest

A loop around Kowan West starting from the entrance by Sutton Road.

Wang to mt lambie via rydal

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A nice way to start a saturday morning

Big thanks to Glenn for pushing me to do this one.

We started at lake Wallace and worked out way up past what's left of Lidsdale pine forest then followed a mixture of the train line and the bicentennial trail across towards Rydal, hooking up a loop of the Rydal short course on the way

From Rydal we worked our way up the coach rd through Bonaventure. The road easement is public but it crosses private property and there are several gates, please respect the land owners by closing gates and staying on the trail.

Town Houses

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Hassans Walls

A Nice loop up Hassans Walls, Across the main road, out toward Bracies Lookout and then dropping down the fast Town Houses single trail

Head on up Hassans Wall rd at the top take the left fork. A couple of fast downs and slower ups takes you across the top of the reserve on the main fire road.

You can either take the left turn toward Braceys Lookout or continue down for 300 meter and take the left into an obscure/overgrown road then reverse back up the Ewok trail to link up with the Braceys rd halfway along.

Easy Penrose Loop

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Penrose State Forest

Nice loop just under 30Km taking in the best bits of the forest... and sadly a few not very exciting parts to be sure to sprint those Eye-wink

I don't recommend driving down Old Argyle Road to the start as it's a very rough firetrail. At least it was last time we were there.

Instead park up by Ferndale Road, a kilometre or so North East of the start marked here.

This looks like a lot of firetrail, but it's really quite nice stuff, eg:

Lush Double Track

Start of Fling Loop from Basecamp

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Wingello State Forest

Most of the first half of the Wingello route form '07/'08 Highland Flings

Lower Gully Forest Road

When I say this is most of the first half of the Wingello route, that's because it starts at base camp instead of coming into the forest from the village.

During the Highland Fling race the competitors don't return to camp of course, they head out on most of the WWS loop, to outer limits and beyond.

Wingello Sniggle

This course is hard to describe so best to follow the attached GPS. It's a great mix of single track and firetrail.

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