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Lefty Oil Leak

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By Rob - Posted on 07 January 2007

Got to the bottom of The Oaks today and wondered why the front brake wasn't working so well. Have a quick look here, pretty obvious.

Yes, it was rather interesting stopping with rear only after that blast down to the causeway Smiling

Seals inside the Lefty rupture like this in once in a while (every year or so I guess) and dribble the damping oil all over your brakes. Very useful design... NOT!

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That's a b1tch! I suppose it's bound to happen with the extra twisting/torsional (correct me engineers if that's the wrong term...) load on the seals from the single leg design.

Do they fix it free and replace your pads too?

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Nah... not given it's age and all - this isn't a warranty job you know.

$80 for lefty service, new pads are only $20 but can be boiled org Even says cleaned with medical alcohol? The pads are on their way anyhow so this isn't a biggie, but will clean the disc with white sprit before deciding to replace (have a fancy new spare on the way anyhow).

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I'd heard of the roasting method of rejuvenation but not the medical alcohol (don't like your chances of relieving a student nurse of her bacardi breezer ;-}).

Must be one of your North Shore types with a blowtorch for their Nigella moments ?-}.

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a great pad cleaner when u get oil/hydraulic fluid on em i find is petrol-soak em overnight good as new Eye-wink

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