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Not something you see every day!

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By pikey - Posted on 20 January 2010

Whilst riding Manly Dam last evening we started hearing drums as we reached to top of the steps, and from there on it kept getting louder, but we found the source of the percussion, a dude was set up on the Dam trail near the Wakehurst Parkway crossing to Bantry Bay happily practicing well away from his pissed off neighbors. Not something usually see whilst mountain biking!

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Stuart on his bike
And Blondie in front, looking fresh as a daisy

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Maybe he was drumming up support for more single track?!?! Smiling

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I'm using the bike as support and Blondie has a definite "glow" about her, almost a sheen Eye-wink

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Haha yeah i rode past him setting up at about 430-5pm

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Pikey, don't you think it's time to upgrade to an iPod?

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It's much cheaper booking a musician to sit and play at every turn of the dam Smiling

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Would've loved to see that, and I would've too if I hadn't been in hospital getting stitches in my nose right up my septem, thanks to my fricken surfboard and a certain sandbank. too many sports....

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That Stuart And Christine said ??? If they are not thinking WTF i would be very suprised , beautiful facial expression

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If you get the chance to jump on You Tube, look up "MTB, All in my head".

Wonder if they are part of that group?

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What are those things on yoru helmets? They look the wrong shape to be lights. Puzzled

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What about the pink box on Christine's helmet, whats that?

Wow.. you don't see stuff like people playing ta drum kit in the bush everyday, and he has a full on PC chair, instead of a little drummers seat.

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not a triple. I thought she'd appreciate a coat of pink rather than just the plain al.

As for the coin, he had nowhere for us to throw it, although we did joke with him that he needed a hat or guitar case laid out in front of his kit.

Apparently he goes up there every two months or so, so keep your ears open

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nothing unusual about that photo - Stuart and Blondie, stopped, having a chat, perfectly normal!
and as for my lights you lot... they are brilliant and will beat most of yours in a light off...

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Thanks Stu, I get it. Smiling

hey blondie, what confused me was I couldn't work out which way yours are pointed. They're look like they're either pointed down at your toes, or to either side like taxi cab spotties - the left side looks lighter/whiter and more like the emitter than the front in the photo.

Looking for the numbers on the possums' letter boxes? Sticking out tongue

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down a bit and when it's dusty she points them up to avoid "snow blind"

The white bit on the side is actually the mounting bracket, I use pvc stormwater / down pipe adaptors and cut them down to suit. They are the perfect size for 50mm and 75mm wide lights. They're light and durable in the event of a crash and best of all I don't have to worry about a metal mounting bracket piercing the noggin when I do OTB

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It was still daylight at the time of the phot and none of us had set up properly and switched on out lights at that point!

But blondie is far from rude and unless actually riding usually point he lights away so not to cause blindness.

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