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Carbon Fibre Paint Job Carbon Epoxy Primer

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By Jee10 - Posted on 25 January 2010

Very important part of the process, without this layer of Epoxy primer, primers fillers/surfaces, colours (basecoat) won't stick to the carbon fibre.

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interesting comment re: the primer. How do 'dale and the likes get clear coat to stick to carbon-finish frames I wonder? Is there a clear primer?

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Good point! Only the Carbon makers can answer that one, as not even the paint manufacturer (the paint brand I used) could help me with that question. They had no idea about any clear type products that are used. I’m sure there is a carbon specific clear the carbon makers use to overcome this. If anyone knows any products please help?

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I seem to recall they use more of the resin that they use to bind the fibres.

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