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By Bernd - Posted on 07 March 2010

The Golden handlebar............

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Now that is a very nice SS 29er. Well Done!

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I needed a good, cool bike for the SS World Champs in NZ!!
so I build myself one.......

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how much does it weigh? i had hold of a 29er with full gears that weighed in at 9.3kg yesterday!!!!

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u bastardo, its a "Carbon" free bike!!
ok ahhhh no I can't tell u... ahhh just under ... ehhh yes it is 11.8kg.
and it cost me about $1800 to build up, not $ ? , 8 1/2 ????? for the 9.3kg one...
BTW ur new "Superbike" look absolutly super cool, 8.789kg or what?

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it's 9.6kg. could make it lighter but funds are down now. no more spending for a long time!

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I must thank Damien, who put me onto the Jabba in the 1st place! got it in the US and had it in "our" 7 bags coming back from LA!
a bit more bling and some "old" parts did the job and now I have a very good ride! Happy as...
Thanks Onegear!

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You like it I would still like to get one myself at some point maybe after the MCR.

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Nice ride for NZ, you jet-setter you

You'll have to get a gold front tooth to match though

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The whole grill!

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