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My new bike. A labour of love and blisters.

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By Rosencrantz - Posted on 20 April 2010

This is my new bike. It's steel. It's white. It's mine and I built it. Fairly happy with how it's turned out although as you can probably see I need to shorten the brakes hoses.

For no good reason (and against people's very sound advice) a lot of the components are British (like me). I'm particually fond of Hope at the moment as you can probably tell.

Anyway, comments n stuff would be much appreciated



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Mate - very nice job.

Nothing wrong with a bit of Hope and nice to see something different on the trails (referring to the frame).

Love the red accents. How's it ride? Smiling

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So far, it's been short (around the garage and across the road to the park for the photo's). From the little I have ridden it I'd say that it feels faster and smoother to ride than the old bike (GT Avalanche .5). IT's a lot lighter in the front end, the gear change is very sharp although the front change is quite stiff. Right now the bars feel very wide which in terms of responsiveness makes the bike feel a bit wallowy. I may have to bring them in a bit, then again, I've been on the road bike for quite some time so perhaps I just need to get used to them.

Once I've shortened the hoses and bled the brakes (they feel like sponge right now) I'm going to take it down to the damn and put it through its paces. Well either the damn or Terry Hills, I've not decided yet. Smiling

Have to say though, very happy with the result.

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nice bike mate! I'm planing to build a steel horse too! Just want to know where you got the frame and how much? Thanks

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The Bike is an On-One inbred which I picked up from here:, There frames are very well respected and very good value for Money (Mine was about 150GBP).

A couple other manufacturers you might want to consider:

Glad to answer any other questions you might have.

Take it easy

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thanks for link mate, now I'm looking to get the on-one 456 summer season frame! Any reveiws on this? Cheers

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