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More broken forks

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By Rosencrantz - Posted on 10 May 2010

Yup, it broke. Note clean sparkly new bike. First outing. Bummer.

LadyToast's picture

Looks like you over did it when you tightened that zip tie Smiling

shano's picture

Shear force at the most stressed point...just below the ziptie! Eye-wink

brakeburner's picture

not sure if it's worth mentioning, but i think i heard from a bloke who thought he knew someone's sister's dog say that zip ties around certain part of the forks actually voids the warranty. someone else may be able to expand on this and i hope i'm wrong.
looks like the knee is pain enough aswell as trying to fight for a new fork!!
anyway hope your on the mend.

Noel's picture

Photo looks out of focus right on the damaged section. What is the grey mark near the break?

Scottboy's picture

have a cable tie there for the front break hose ? well mine does lol

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