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What lurks above the 19th hole...

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By pancakes - Posted on 24 August 2010

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Good size too!

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Above with Bloody Magpies and Plovers and now the odd Snake pic is giving me another dose of paranoia

Good looking Snake though

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I was hassled by a magpie this morning as well. He was only "lining up his sights" so to speak but you can be sure I will be seeing that chap on a regular basis from now on.

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How did you get it there with him around
And did you think he might be thirsty

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And did it about five times and geez they are quick , i am doing 50 k down hill and he buzzes me like i am sitting still .......scared the shit out of me

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This was back in May. Just put the pic up to respond to philberesford's thread above.

Andy Bloot, like I said in the thread, the drink bottle was there for....scale. Laughing out loud

Seems the magpies are getting precious. I was buzzed on Rangers Retreat rd today coming back from the dam.

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I live quite near the Dam and it never ceases to amaze me when proper wildlife like this just emerges in plain view. I've heard there are Pythons around but I've never seen one of those fellas before. They're quite harmless though aren't they? I've only ever seen baby browns up at the Dam. and give those a very wide birth. I understand their venom is more concentrated than an adults.

Did it hang around or just slither off?

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We had a large diamond python hang around in our backyard for about 3 months last summer. Also had a small green tree snake that was sighted for about 6 months.
Only downside was we think the python ate our cat.


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Unless you're a rodent or small mammal you don't have anything to worry about from pythons. The trick is knowing which is which and it's safer to stay clear from all of them! I know very little about any of them but I was positive this was a Diamond Python.

Re. the venom...I'm guessing Flynny would know more but I think it's just that the juveniles haven't figured out how to meter their venom and they give you a full dose rather than a "piss off" hit like and adult may. I wouldn't go near a brown of any size. They are quick and short tempered.

It stopped initially when we hit the brakes and then moseyed across the track in it's own good time. This was about 10am on a sunday morning with lots of traffic on the track so I think we were pretty lucky to see it.

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I've heard that about juveniles but have no idea if it's true, however when you're a small snake and know that just about every thing else will try and eat you you may be a bit more likely to lash out just in case.

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I've heard the same re the little ones. They are born with the same venom but haven't developed the skills to regulate the dosage so you can end up with more than a big one would use.

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