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nasty shin ding

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By dez_b - Posted on 04 May 2007

Always where your shin pads on a MTB bike [my sons shin ding]

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Yeouch! How did that happen?

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He rode over the road to check the surf on his MTB instead of the muck around bike and decided to huck of a huge drop on to the road [ the curb !] in thongs so this is what studded peddels can do , had to be scrubbed out after 4 ampules of novacaine and stitched with the heaviest gauge sutcher to hold it together it looked like an axe wound.

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Ouch! That's better than mine I only managed 6 stitches (4 and 2) and fortunately the wound was very clean. It was probably because I hadn't got up to being stupid yet.

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But just think of the bragging rights! Laughing out loud

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