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Garage Workshop

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By lozza6 - Posted on 10 October 2010

Buck and I turned my garage into a workshop for the day.

On the agenda:
-Service Talas 140s
-Service RP23 shock
-Extract Fulcrum Racing 5 hub bearings stuck behind impossible to remove circlip
-Convert 2x Aspens into tubeless on mavic rims
-1 blood blister for Buck's wife assisting in bearing removal
-1 smashed face into concrete when I was cranking it around the underground garage and thought banking 29er ignitors would have the side knobs engage better on the slick slab. (washout city!)

All in all a successful day Smiling

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shouldn't that's what it always should be?
whats that car wasting space in there for?

......'s picture

better keep your address secret i think!!!!!!

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wow-great range of bikes

Jay See's picture

You know you have too many bikes when...haha

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