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Jump through tree

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By jaseh - Posted on 20 December 2010

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.
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this place looks great ,must get out there while i'm on holidays. Smiling

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give me a shout Craig - I'm only and hour or so away and always up for a new trail.

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Where is this?

Harry's picture

I believe

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Sorry... let this fall into the wrong gallery. The breadcrumb should now be fixed and you see it's in Singleton MTB Track. Looks great, eh?

craked's picture

I was thinking sometime between 5th and 9th of jan how's this work for you, I am flexable on these dates .

......'s picture

I reckon a couple of hours on a ride on mower could easily double the length of this trail. Looks like perfect terrain for quick trail building

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jumping a ride-on mower through the tree Eye-wink

Looks like a great place to ride.

Harry's picture

My number's on my profile - a couple days notice would be nice.

jaseh's picture

Thats pretty much how it was done.

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