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Manly Dam Paving

Andrew's picture

By Andrew - Posted on 07 June 2011

Nice Job, I should get a quote for my back yard.
However not good for a MTB trail.

Pete B's picture

Hope they're going to brush sand in the joints and grind down any lips, wouldn't want it to be uncomfortable as I ride over.

Hop fiend's picture

that looks really crap just really crap!!!

daveh's picture

They should have paved a nice Warringah Council logo into it....

skibum's picture

Hope they left room for the table and chairs !!!!!

GAZZA's picture

a waste of money!

Brian's picture
a waste of money!

Is that such a surprise

Andy Bloot's picture

Got to say I'm gobsmacked
What a useless excuse for a council and what an insult

I'm so bloody glad I don't live there anymore
At least Blue Mountains council can't make a decision
Warringah council just makes ludicrous and insulting to the intelligence decisions

If I was still there I'd be digging a bloody trail right to the council door

lezo's picture

If this is just paving in place and not stuck down, I'm sure it can be utilsed in another style to make some good launch ramps throughout other sections of the dam or for re-inforcing some much needed berms...any thoughts ???

jedijunglesnow's picture

Time to cut a out new section of singletrack to bypass this mess.

GAZZA's picture

With some fellow riders and came to the conclusion that it's "that" time of year again! Meaning the end of financial year when councils start needless road re surfacing and stupid non vital projects just to use up the budget so they get the same amount for the up and coming year.
Ok, even if it was last minute they could have consulted the main user group for some decent feedback on how to waste/spend the spare cash!

Rob's picture

Why don't the idiots spend money on fixing potholes in the roads? Sad

If they had to spend it at Manly Dam then:

1. There are several sections of boardwalk that need attention.
2. Entrance to the 19th hole has a right then left after the (also poorly constructed - unsurprisingly) steps. This section has been subject to trail widening ever since some electricity contractors went in there and removed some vegetation. Said contractors should have put this right of course, but didn't (care factor zero at the council let them get away with it?). Council should dump some large rocks or plants there to put the line back how it should be.
3. After dropping down the rocks just after the new BBQ there is a section where one used to have to ride up a step to the left, then along top of rock, then down the rock. This has been subject to trail widening as people don't bother and straight line it, avoiding the step up/down. Council should dump some large rocks in there or plant some large bushes to restore the line.
4. In the sniggle after the golf course rock there is a rock that one used to have to ride round to the left, or over. Trail widening has occurred here as people began trying to push round to the right. Council should fix this with some vegitation/rocks in that right line to prevent it's use.

Etc, etc, etc.


LadyToast's picture

Good workmanship eh? Smiling

Someone should post a link to this page to the council and rangers, they will soon see how popular this is.

Andy Bloot's picture

But I really like the way they fit the stone together like that using mostly hand tools I believe
They've done much the same thing on a giant retaining wall on the new freeway up here
looks awesome - wish I could afford some at my place

But yeah, in this case obviously more money than sense

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