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Cup Cake

Rob's picture

By Rob - Posted on 24 June 2007

Stuart M's picture

off the helmet, we all know who you are now.

ar_junkie's picture

'Cup Cake'?

Stuart M's picture

and making Carolin take the heavy bike at Sparrow Hill so you could ride hers.

ar_junkie's picture

The secret's out!
Saw this while running through Neutral Bay... Cool

Bruce's picture

Nice work Shaun.

Stuart M's picture

from this store, Cupcake. Had them at many a kids party and it might be worth your while to call in one day. They have some really interesting flavours

davis_jnr's picture

saw this a few weeks ago its on Ben Boyd Rd isnt it not far from Vintage cellars?

Stuart M's picture

I knew Gaz and Cupcake were close but I had no idea George was his supplier. Have a look at the bloke in this pic

Little-Ditty's picture

Hey, they are in Neutral Bay, right next to where I live!! Smiling

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