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Long Track Climb

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By Rob - Posted on 05 February 2006

This used to be a very hard climb with large marble like rocks making grip nigh on impossible. Recently (Jan '06) it's been graded so it's just the gradient that's going to stop you Eye-wink

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Not any more. Just been and it's back to being largish rocks now, at least I think it's this bit being the toughest bit on the track.

Interesting coming back down at speed too, esp. with the sand at the bottom, nearly speared off into the scenery.....Smiling

Hasbeen Racing's picture

I had a front wheel washout in that sand just before Christmas and smashed up my finger. Crossmarks are definitely not the tyre to run in sand.

ae93gti's picture

That explains a lot!! I had recently put on a crossmark on the front......., fine for the rest of the track, bit tricky in the sand, I figured I just need to go faster through the sand Smiling

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