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Perimeter Creek II

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By Rob - Posted on 05 February 2006

Not sure you could call this a creek really, have never seen anything but a small puddle in the dip here.

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Unbeleivably as of this week (15/12/06) this creek crossing is now gone. In their wisdom, NP have now dug it out and replaced it with a concreted "driveway", an RX7 could cross it now at 80k/h!! And we get labled as environmentally unfriendly.

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An update:

I was riding through Terrey Hills on Saturday 16/12, mainly riding out as far as the end of the Long Track and back to the shops. A nice 25km run. If you ride this track fast, it is a real tester, as far as fitness goes. Anyway...

I came across the work done at this creek that is pictured. Although I agree it to be quite agressive in terms of it's impact to the surrounding landscape, for riders, it does not pose much of a problem at all, and does not really alter your enjoyment of the ride. Currently the concrete ramp is fenced off, with a narrow detour trail to negotiate in it's place. This detour is rideable and easy to do.

Otherwise the remainder of the Terrey Hills track (errr, at least past the first 3 km of firetail "upgrades" that are a bit too sandy, etc) all appear to be in pretty good condition. Even in poor weather. Love those water bars!!

As an ongoing measure, I will try to keep people posted about the condition of this trail, as the NPWS seem to have this track in their sights.


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