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By willow - Posted on 29 August 2007

Rob's picture

Man, that's an excellent shot... love the lighting.

Oh, the rider's not doing bad either Eye-wink

blackbetty's picture

is it just me or has that beenn widened?

starship303's picture

wow, great shot. love the sense of perspective, and the shadow the bike is casting on the wood.
there really are getting to be some quality looking stunts at the falls.

any chance of getting a hi-rez version??

Justin's picture

Awesome shot! I'd lighten the rider a little but otherwise it's a great action shot

Paul's picture

Isn't one of the basic rules of photography is to have the sun at your back, this lessens the shadows on the subject matter.

Maybe next time the photographer can perch in the tree behind and take the shot looking down.

dez_b's picture

IMO I would beg to differ in this case , the shadows of the wheels coming down add a great perspective , all he needed was a fill in flash to lighten up the rider
my 2 cents worth

dez_b's picture

wow nice high line the rider has taken .

blackbetty's picture

ive got a mate that brings one of those slave external wireless flashes down and gets another mate to hold it somewhere else while he take it. makes for some really cool pics.

willow's picture

Cool guys thanks for the comments. Regarding the techie questions i am not sure as i am only the monkey riding Smiling

However if you see two guys walking around the falls carrying a camera as big as a truck, answering to Cam & Mike...thats them!!

See ya in the hills soon!!!

Paul's picture

Cam & Mike - is that a joke!

alchemist's picture

Yup, its actually Mike & Mal

Stuart M's picture

Or would that only further the joke?

Wheelbig's picture

That is an awesome shot - the exposure, settings, etc. really good. Don't like the rider much though. His orange shirt looks suss! Is he too big for that bike?

wheelieBin's picture

man thats pretty cool, but whats with all the protection?

Wheelbig's picture

Great photo, love the lighting,....but what is it with the rider's protection?

yellowchops's picture

so that's what happened to my fence, you jerk!

wheelieBin's picture

dude, seems like people are saying you are awesome with no training whatsoever.
mate ... can you see if you have the time to ride with me and show me a few stuff?
wish i can ride like you.

Wheelbig's picture

Dude, I'm going to ring Fuel TV and get them out there to take some footage of you. You know how to get those two wheels moving! Do you have workshops?

Boulder's picture

thats one heck of an amazing shot


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