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Red Hill - a reason to pad up

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By CROMERBOY - Posted on 20 September 2011

Here is a good reason to pad up on "the Hill"

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What the? We didnt do this part on sundays ride...
where abouts is it?

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Its towards the end of rim ride. There are actually 3 DH style tracks there.

I do them all on my reign. Funny thing is I have never worn pads at redhill. Just my standard XC gear.

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yea i think we missed it coz, apparently if we where to do the DH its a fair bit of a climb back up and we where strapped for time and water! Looking forward to riding there again soon.

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Is that one of the tracks that finishes at wakehurst parkway?

If not, another show and tell should be in order!!

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No that one actually finishes behind the Academy of Sport. There is a long tar road climb out the comes out at the bottom of drop zone.

The other two DH/AM tracks come out on the parkway.

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So how is Sunday afternoon looking for a tour?? Laughing out loud

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