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Rob's Homemade LEDs MkII

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By Rob - Posted on 23 October 2007

The finished product. Part of old tube around the mounting bracket is to stop it scratching front of stem when mounted.

Note the four heat sinks top of unit.

See Rob's Homemade LEDs MkII for more about this.

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Not like those silly basic Ay-up thingo's

send me the plans please


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You're getting this down to a fine art Rob.
Actually both you and Stu are.


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How does the output compare to the Ay-Ups

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I would imagine this will kick ass over even the new Cree Aye-Ups, but we will know on the weekend when some beam comparisons will be taken no doubt.

According to the Cree datasheet they should be about 50% brighter.

FWIW, another advantage is the bFlex controller which is much better than the simply on/off Ay-Up have right now anyhow.

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These are exactly the same as Christines, just not in that pretty pink colour. As for comparing to Ay-Ups, don't, I hate to see you upset.

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I remember seeing them in the distance as roid girl was mixing it with the roid boys, well out in front of me - they certainly were bright (and the light output was good too).

Alas that was a long time ago, before she needed to disinfect herself after riding with me.

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