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Hammock Rob

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By Rob - Posted on 29 October 2007

A very tired Rob trying to snooze race morning.

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did the cyclocross bike get out for a spin?

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Take it for a spin? Well yes... and it was all going rather well too... erm... until the front slid wide second to last corner before coming out on the firetrail after Paul's Pinch.

As I sort of half fell/stepped off the bike to the right it fell and bounced up giving the big ring a chance to gouge four huge holes in my left thigh and the crank or BB to smash into my left knee. Ouch! Greg has some shots (and video so the rumour goes!) of said holes and their treatment.

In my defence, this was the first time off road on it and going by the rut that built up in that spot throughout the race clearly wasn't the only one to slide off there.

Aside from that was surprised how well it went. Not convinced about the drop bars for off road, but it wasn't as bumpy a ride as you'd think and very nimble through the twisty stuff.

For those using IE (this doesn't work in FF - use IEtab), here's a dot race between practice on Rush/Crosser:

Pretty close stuff, even given the crash, until I stopped to talk to Caro & Shaun a Km or so from the finish.

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so long we had to go and find him in the first aid tent - yes, all before the ride even started!

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