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Greg's Headlight

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By pikey - Posted on 23 April 2006

Helmet mounted home made (I know its hard to believe) 50 watt Bike Light.

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Hasn't the technology changed Shocked

kitttheknightrider's picture

Not really John, that thing puts out 900 lumens and when he fitted the single SMD LED's into the side pods it got the same 1600lumens that magicshine and all of it's clones claim Eye-wink

Rob's picture

Plus... The 'steampunk' look is what all the cool kids are doing these days Eye-wink

hawkeye's picture

That's what those tubes are for, they're the boiler inlet and exhaust manifolds Eye-wink

pancakes's picture

Copper is the new carbon.

shano's picture

Thats a bike light alright....looks like a '67 Chevy I used to own! Eye-wink

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