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Highland Fling Pic 1

Brian's picture

By Brian - Posted on 15 November 2012

Image taken by Marathon-Photos

shano's picture

Magazine cover boy right there! Eye-wink
Great photos!

Rob's picture

Yeah, this is a great shot.

... but what I'd like to know is how do you ride breaking with your middle fingers! Sticking out tongue

Brian's picture

I've always braked with my middle finger.

craked's picture

finally a great shot of you Brian where you dont look like you are commuting to work Eye-wink

hawkeye's picture

I think he's still using those twist shift things off his old K-Mart bike Eye-wink

Nice photo Brian, and a great result well earned.

Brian's picture

Love grips shifts. There are two types of riders, ones that use grip shifts and ones that haven't tried them Sticking out tongue

bmar560's picture

Nice photos Brian.
Is your new bike the Epic Marathon ?

Brian's picture

Epic Marathon it is Smiling

garyinoz's picture

You look very clean Brian, did they photoshop the dirt? Mine looks the same.

Reminds me of the default XP desktop!

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