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Bantry Bay Apocalypse

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By jacojoco - Posted on 27 April 2013

Taken next to the blocked end of single trail next to fire trail, near the National Park Gate

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Where is the Indigenous rock carvings-to the left of that?

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Way left. Good hundred mtrs.

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They seemed very protective before of this place and can't believe what they have done and love to know the reasoning.

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Private land not in the NP, apparently.

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... a typical electricity supply entity use of the big chipper to decimate any vegetation that might catch fire from a spark off their supply cables. For some reason NPWS either have no control over, or no wish to control, the devastation that this process seems to cause. Makes any erosion / damage from mtbs seem absolutely trivial....

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Definitely private land. Been cleared for a DA approved development.

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the penthouse apartment on the top floor-great views & right next door to Manly Dam!!

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I walked this with spindog this arvo.

It's private land right on the border with Garigal NP. Stops at the gate where the rockgarden is.

Bumped into a couple of other locals who were walking and shaking their heads, too. Disturbing, but not a lot we can do - it's a done deal, and never "our" bushland to start with.

I did notice they've left the power pole with the thick pole-and-cable fence behind it that shut off the exit from the old Bantry Bay loop that started opposite the Parkway entrance to Manly Dam... so it looks like we've lost a hundred metres or so of that (closed off) trail.

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I rode down there for the first time in a few weeks on Sat and was shocked and really really hoped it had nothing to do with the Bantry bay MTB track under discussion recently.

As it is I reckon some folk will be thinking this is the case even though it's not.

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