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Wallaroo spiders

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By Timshoots - Posted on 13 February 2008

After about 1k of riding through hundreds of spider laden webs I gave up and turned around. Anyone wanna come ride Wallaroo trail in front of me next time?

Caro's picture

ever ever ever go there!
Remind me if I forget! Iiiiiiiiiihhhhyak!!! Sad

pikey's picture to join your next early morning ride there. He loves Spiders Eye-wink

And if your luck you could see him do his girlie dance!


Carlgroover's picture

Won't hurt you, just spit out the ones that go in your mouth. Eye-wink

Little-Ditty's picture

Greg, I don't want to rain on your parade, but I once saw you do a girly dance when that spider was on your neck at Shepherds Gully. But still, in your defence, you were very brave. Laughing out loud

GAZZA's picture

thanks for bringing it up again pikey! im sure you just wont ever let that one go. i wont ever forget it either! uuuurgghhh!!!

pikey's picture

....the Orb and St Andrews Cross Spiders.

The below address explains that the two most common spiders we run into (literally) are mostly harmless.

Click on spider below the free spider chart section, it's more direct.

But as we all have experienced its still hard to not do the girlie dance (no offence to girls)


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