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By Bernd - Posted on 03 April 2008

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I like the look of your home-made disc brake mount - good job

Rob's picture

LOL... looks like an old knuckle duster (erm... ish).

FWIW think I'd be putting some metal clamps around that to the frame, you don't want to be trusting mudguard/rack holders with break duty!

Bernd's picture

...use the brakes 80/20, so the back does not get a lot to do......
Thanks, Paul for your kind words, after all the brakes are from your bike!
lets see how she goes on the next ride/first ride! (with the finaly finished Hardtail)

Justin's picture

I'd still look at the advice, the stress from the back brake could snap them off, and worst case take the rear end of the frame with it. Maybe you could find someone who could weld another doo-hickey?

Bernd's picture

..+ Thanks a lot for your great advise, very valid points!!

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I hate to say this but when you got GripSport to paint it (that was where you went wasn't it?) you should've asked them to put rear disc mounts on too, I think they would've cut the price of the powdercoat so the cost wouldn't have been much more if you had...

My choice, given what you've got, would be to go back to vee's on the back as long as you've got a compatible rim somewhere?


Bernd's picture

.. think you spot on, I have to say.

Bernd's picture

.. went for a ride this morning and the disk brake was fine, but I think you guy's are right,
to risky!!!! already back to V brake!!!!!

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