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Red Hill DH jump track

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By dez_b - Posted on 03 June 2008

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With the inability to ride I had to do something last week , myself and Adam x mech from DY cycles we headed up into the bush to do some work on the RH DH jump track , spent about six hours over two days building and shoveling and re tuning the jumps but unfortunately this nice quiet track we have been enjoying for the last 18 months has been discovered by the MOTO X riders and is fast becoming chopped up and rutted.
I know there is nothing we can do about it so I wont bleat too much about it but it is a shame as in one day of MX riding + wet weather = six hours of work ripped up.
A lot of the damage has been done but MX riding back up the track ripping up the landing ramps , so anyway caught up with some mates up there and shot some photos , looking forward to swapping places with them.
end rant.

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