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Working on the DH table top.

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By moggio - Posted on 17 January 2016

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Thanks Michel parsons for pic

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Um, why tabletops on a dedicated DH trail?

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I wasn't really across this, but these were four large rollers originally put in by Dirt Art when they did the lower part of the DH. These then had some people put in better lips on the kickers and made these into reasonable sized jumps. Probably a bit too large for a lot of riders with not the fastest run up to them. They can be seen in this clip at the beginning.

I think the thinking was to open up the opportunity for more people to develop their jumping skills somewhere as it is meant to be a trail for the community. Its not a double black diamond trail so its meant for a broad spectrum. if this gets more people using the trail it can't be a bad thing.

As far as it having been some kind of filter that some people are saying, that is not true as they were easily rollable before.

Makes me think of the DH Cressy Descent at You Yangs where there is a new large table top at the bottom now. Once again a single black diamond trail ridden by lots of people of different skills. Another great trail is Little red Riding Huck in Rotorua that is a jump trail but its all rollable that allows for people to progress.

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All good, Mark. Appreciate the effort you guys put in, just thought it odd to be filling in nice doubles. I can't jump for shite but followed the crew through there on my xc bike when they was doubles, I think there was room to go around or you could roll through if you didn't want to jump.
Knapsack was suppose to be a decent replacement for Old Bat. Old Bathurst rd were serious DH trails. Knapsack DH is fun but no where near the same level as the old trails.

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Sadly the comparison between OBR and Knapsack is endlessly brought up but sadly it is true. To council I think OBR was a "DH track" and Knapsack is a "DH track" so everything is good and equal. Obviously 20 years of several evolved trails refined and developed by many riders and builders will be superior to one trail built in the only spot possible (which wasn't great) with a huge number of imposed environmental, time, money and input limitations.

As far as doubles or table tops in the end its a decision made by many people who are there and involved trying their best within the restraints to please as many as possible but inevitably pissing some off.

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