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Gazza unorganized

Buck's picture

By Buck - Posted on 10 June 2008

Gazza not too organised on Sunday morning with stuff everywhere!

shano's picture

that would be lunch...I;m guessing Eye-wink

Stuart M's picture

I'm pretty sure the plastic bag was for change of underwear and the paper bag was for hair product. Given the lack of hair on his head you can only imagine how hairy the rest is, possible why he has such a big plastic bag Eye-wink

Paul's picture

Stuart remember he's a Pom and it was Sunday so he changed his underwear that morning. The plastic bag contains the contaminated underwear which he diposes of at a bio-hazard complex. The paper bag contains a new supply of toilet paper and room freshener - he ran out the previous night.

Someone just asked him what he used for toilet paper that morning and he is just responding - it also accounts for the way he is standing.

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