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Banana guard

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By dez_b - Posted on 18 June 2008

Keeps them firm.

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Oh man!!! I always get to work with mushy bananas!!!

Where can I get a set?

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"The Tool Shed"

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Works out well, I'm in need of some other tools as well Eye-wink

What? $10.95 each? What a rip off!

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Rip off LOL come on you paid how much for your Yeti ??
This thing has paid for itself many times over Bananas are not cheap I ride 3-4 times a week x 2 bananas each ride
enjoyed firm and un- bruised = good investment Smiling

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Isn't it's a bit rude to ask how much one paid for their bike? Sorry, maybe it's part of the joke but not sure we can tell! Sticking out tongue

But FWIW didn't Lozza get a rather nice deal on his?

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for my Yeti.

Agreed, thats 250 banana guards.... But I'll stick to the bike thanks Sticking out tongue

kudos to the design though... maybe I can fabricate my own... hmmmm

ps: Careful dissing the Himalayan cryptid... They are going from a rare sight in the wild to something as frequently seen as Britney's underwear (or lack thereof) Sticking out tongue You never know who might be riding one next Eye-wink


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intended lozza6 tongue(or banana) was firmly in cheek sometimes hard to convey in text. I actually love the Yeti's in-fact somewhat green and yellow with envy
I would love to ride one especially while wearing Britney's undies or would that be bare back? :}

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There will be Yet(i) another 575 in our midst soon. Someone is just waiting for his wheels to arrive, assuming CRC haven't stuffed up his order Eye-wink

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For real???

sure you haven't!

I just rode with one today Smiling

Ladytoasts was going great guns!!! had a great time today!! Laughing out loud


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250 banana guards for your cannon dez? sounds like a fair swap to me id take it mate Eye-wink

Stuart M's picture

I still have some self respect

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Stu so the Nitro Baron has a new 575.
I can picture a Crack'n Fail just gathering dust.

Stuart M's picture

I know nuffink!!

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Yeti = good for spare parts


...or maybe a case for ?

Regards, Hans


May all your lines be the right ones

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@lozza6... I was in Akihabara (Tokyo for the uninitiated) yesterday and had one of these in my hands. Thought the 100 Yen asking price (currently $1.25) a bit high though Eye-wink

I looked a lot nicer too... will post a picture later.

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Japanese Banana Guard

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and you didn't buy???


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