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Super Bruce

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By Caro - Posted on 11 July 2008

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Thats it.

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Bruce must be happy

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looks great,

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...for a roadie! what have you mtb purists got to say to that eh? you CAN shave your legs, wear licra, ride 700c wheels and still be rad
you know! Eye-wink

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Very nice drop there Bruce, poetry in motion. Not sure if you were packing it when you were riding up to the drop, but at least you didn't spend a long time wondering about it. Nice technique too. I am so going to try that next time.

And very nice glovework with the camera Caro. Sweet indeed. You could have found another hobby I think! Smiling

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Nice one, Bruce the road riding must be helping. I'll have to get some more k's in soon if this is what it leads to.. Smiling

Bruce's picture

Your timing & camera skills were 100% perfect on this one.
Thanks for sharing a fun day.

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