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Loz squishing suspension again

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By lozza6 - Posted on 13 July 2008

Me squishing suspension again

That rear tyre looks badly squished! Close to the frame too!?

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Shock and/or tyre? Shocked

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Ready to be corrected but I wouldn't have expected that much travel usage on the dam... Also it just struck me as odd that the crank arms don't seem to be 100% in alignment, could be a trick of the camera or maybe they're meant to flex like that, but I'd be checking the bolts around there too.

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Time for a diet fat boy! Sticking out tongue

LOL... OK, yeah, the other suggestions would probably be more appropriate.

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continuing to land like that will require the additional purchase of another Knee Guard

how loud was the bang when you landed ???

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Well yeah I do need to lose some more weight Sticking out tongue

I just setup the Sag that morning to 30% or less...

also I run 40PSI in my tyres?!?!

I reckon.. you guys would do the same.... its just that nobody ever sees what a bike is actually like on impact..... its just too quick..

Nothing sounded out of the ordinary... mind you this is at the end sprint run where you're travelling pretty quick... and even though I'm less than a foot off the ground.. I clear the whole roll down.... so from launch point to land point its a decent 2 footish drop?

Cranks do look a little bent.. maybe the hollowtech can twist??

again, yours could look exactly like this too or worse, its just you never see it?

Happy to take pics of you guys launching there and compare Sticking out tongue


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I took the photo and didn't notice any strange sounds. Just the normal deraileur and chain slap.

Another shot I took a while back of Steve. Can't say it's the same size drop but tyre's pretty squished too.

Steve lands safely

So from a setup perspective should it be around 20-30% sag?

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Would be my first comment, or have a look for the online manual... But I've always thought you should set up to use the majority of travel in your usual style of riding, while rarely bottoming out, so if it feels good and you're not bottoming then no worries. Though with all the variables (especially on forks) these days that'd only be the most basic thing to tweak. Be careful to have the propedal (or whatever your shock uses) off when you set sag too.

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When I set up my replacement RP23 the manual didn't have any mention of propedal on or off when setting sag so I sent the US Fox technical centre an email. The response surprised me. I was told it didn't matter if the propedal was engaged or not. If it is locked just sit on the bike for a little longer, upto 20 secs, but make sure you don't bounce on it.
This would seem to fly in the face of the reason for propedal but the guy said the sag will register properly, just not as quickly as when it is open.
That was on 08 RP23 btw.

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That photo sure shows some forces at work. Check out the G forces pulling on your cheeks as you compress down and exhale through your mouth. I reckon your head is just about to spring back up and your cheeks* are hanging down at their lowest point too. I bet there are lots of things flexing and bending in that shot.

*Referring to your face cheeks.

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If you set your shock correctly you should bottom out at least once per ride (not harsh just use all your travel) otherwise you are just carrying around a lot of extra travel for nothing.

The shock is designed to give you full travel in differencing conditions. Pretty sure the rp23 has high and low speed circuits for different damping rates on big and little hits.

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Firstly unfortunately I only have the RP3 (previous generation) so it just has 3 peopedal settings, and cannot be opened....

But Stu, I am surprised?!?! When i sit on my bike with propedal 3.. then click it through to 2 and 1.. I watch it drop about a 1cm each time...

its counter to what that guy said? Maybe I wasn't sitting on it long enough...

also in regards to sag... i find you get 2 completely different readings if you go from uncompressed then let it drop to normal sitting position as opposed to compressed and let it rise to your normal seating position... which should it be??

I never bottomed out (I don't think) and as I ride stuff rarely larger than the Dam, I think its setup quite nicely?

I dropped 20PSI out of front and rear from what I used to ride and it made a world of difference.. that last run to the hydraulics lab is so smooth now! Laughing out loud

The previous owner must've been a fat bastard Sticking out tongue


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Funny, but I looked where the rear shock joins the top crossbar of your frame. It looks like the frame has just failed. Anyway, good for a laugh I suppose.

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looks like the frame has snapped
also just out of interest i read that you set it at 30% sag
but how much pressure is that
i have the same shock on my jamis and thats at 170 psi
and while it isnt quite 25% sag
ive only ever bottomed once
but that was off a 4 foot gap


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from memory i've got 70psi at the front

and 150 or 160 psi at the back?

something like that....

..hey are you guys having a go at the yeti frame Sticking out tongue

Can't make that comment about the 2008! smooooth fluid formed tubes!

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i was going to say that the problem seemed to be that it was a yeti
but thought that was a little catty Smiling

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.... that the bike was set up correctly but the bike shop didn't take into concideration the weight of Lozza's Bionic knee and the two packs of chewing gum stuck in his left cheeck Smiling


Don't worry what other people are thinking,
because most of the time their not. Eye-wink

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