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Bulging Crossmark

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By Rob - Posted on 20 July 2008

Noticed this bulge in the tire on arrival at home today. Hmmmm... lucky I wasn't just riding this at silly speeds down big hills! ;)

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Hi Rob

That is a warranty issue.
I had the same on my High Rollers and they were replaced on sight at my LBS.

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Really? What is bulging like this caused by?

A free replacement would be good if I could remember where these came from! Puzzled

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.. maybe the mummmmmpppsss,
have you spent time with Stuart lately???

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I returned one to St Ives as the sidewall was bulging but I had only fitted and not ridden. Personally though, I think any type of bulging is faulty manufacturing.

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Some of the nylon cords which hold the carcass together would have broken at that point. This could be caused by faulty manufacturing. It could also be an impact fracture, caused by hitting a rock with the tyre inflated hard. (or pinch flatting hard) Some tyres are more resistant to impact fractures than others. Impact fratures tend to be more common on cars than on bikes, though. What presssure were you running it at?

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When I took my tyre into the LBS they popped the bulge to see how far in it went.
It was only the top layer of rubber. It was quite strong and was probably structurally sound but would also possibly have a slow leek.
The bulge happened after I reinstalled the tyre after having it off the bike for three weeks, the bludges appeared within 3kms of road riding to the trail head.

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I'd say you still have another 100km in that tyre.

NO WARRANTY for you Smiling


Don't worry what other people are thinking,
because most of the time their not. Eye-wink

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