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Rob starting the climb

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By Bruce - Posted on 30 July 2008

Stuart M's picture

OMG look at Dorothy's shoes

Rob's picture

I only wore them to match the number plate! Eye-wink

Stuart M's picture

to match Bruces' knicks

ar_junkie's picture

Weren't you giving some of the guys flack for having white shoes?

Little-Ditty's picture

You may as well wear a mini skirt while on the bike.

Paul's picture

Thank God he wasn't riding his Yeti at the time!

Rob's picture

No, the red shoes are for using on the Rush. They are very comfy, think CBD still has a few pairs on special if you are interested.

Stuart M's picture

but I don't understand why a reputable store like that would have got them in in the first place.

Oh hang on, they sell road bikes as well don't they?

ar_junkie's picture

If he was sponsored by Cofidis or Barloworld... other than that, one would look just as dickie!

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