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Pikey Lycra 2

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By Buck - Posted on 30 August 2008

Pikey and his lycra again. He'll be riding on skinny scummer tyres tomorrow!

Noel's picture

Bernd's picture Stu likes the one with the nettttttttttttttt

christine's picture

down i thought the exact same thing!

Stuart M's picture

too small

Paul's picture

That's the rear Stuart

pikey's picture

You'll keep!

Salad is what food eats Smiling

lozza6's picture

Keep what?

How did the Sunday Scum go anyway? Smiling

Was a pretty miserable day, probably not the best for your first scum hey?

Stuart M's picture

It would have been wet and sloppy, bit like all scum rides

Harry's picture

Assuming any scumming took place and assuming that one Pikey took part then I have to report the man is a natural.

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