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The infamous stitches exposed

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By evan - Posted on 25 September 2008

5 days later and after a clean up, here are the stitches.

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Very nice... maybe it's just as well you don't know how to use the macro on your camera! Barf!

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It was taken with my Phone Smiling

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Most cameras (even phones - my dodgy old model has it) have a macro mode for close up. It's normally represented by a flower icon. Hopefully you'd then get your leg in focus and not the carpet behind. Although like I said - that's maybe a blessing in this case! Eye-wink


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There was less painful ways of getting out of the race at Stromlo Eye-wink

Nice mushy wound.


Salad is what food eats Smiling

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I've been away - what did you do to yourself (you weren't scumming again were you).

The CORC24 is 16 days away, so that wound will just be a red mark and fully heeled - it does give you a fitting entry in show and tell.

See you at the Mount.

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This is the silliness that people get up to when you are away. Despite knowing better, young Evan decided to ride Red Hill with none of his UFO guards on. The mooshy results tell a thousand words. Barf!

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Evan I thought you would know better about wearing protection - remember the old saying "If it's not on, it's not on"

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I've updated my cumbersome leg armour as a result.
Thanks, Ev.
Glad I didn't have to feel your pain.

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