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Caro sucking up the pain

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By davis_jnr - Posted on 26 October 2008

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just to say that I am back from the specialist. Am having surgery tomorrow to get my broken collar bone fixed with a plate...
very upsetting, see you back on the bike next YEAR!!!! (far out!!!) Sad

LadyToast's picture

Too bad Caro, I didn't know you had an off Sad At least you can still go down the Terry Hills Tavern eh?

Mend well!!

christine's picture

will have to be the 'social nobette' for a bit. So sorry Caro

lozza6's picture

Good luck with it!!!! all the best!

If its any consolation, I probably wont be doing many more rides till next year either! Sad


Matt P's picture

They always over estimate with these things!!

I had major surgery on my leg a few years back and was given 3 months before being allowed back in the gym.

4 weeks later I was back into squatting!

As you're already very healthy and in good shape, you'll probably find you heal well and quickly.

Am sure you'll be tearing up rock gardens soon enough

LadyToast's picture

What's up with you?

evan's picture

Hope you heal incredibly fast.


Carlgroover's picture

well to crack a smile with a broken collar bone, they HURT. I got back on the bike with 3 broken ribs and fractured skull in 2 weeks, but the collar bone in 3 places was 6-7 weeks. It maybe quicker with the op but don't risk it too early, doing it twice would be very depressing.
Get well soon John.

Andy Bloot's picture

that's no good Caro
Nice to see you can smile through the pain
Beany won't though - he will be crushed

Harry's picture

it goes way better than expected

Bernd's picture

you one tough girl! Gute Besserung und halt die Ohren steif!

lozza6's picture

All smiles the next day only cursing the fact she would miss the northern beaches epic!

Onya girl!

Dylan, nothing as dramatic as Caro, just will be travelling a lot and will be overseas from next week until the 1st week of Jan only being back for a weekend in between.


Buck's picture

Get well soon Caro.

Will you be back on the shuttles soon? You better be Smiling

GAZZA's picture

you must be hard as rock girl! ask the boys what im like with broken bones,,, like a little girl rolling around on the floor. if there's anything you need just let us know. x

delicious's picture

I turn my back for a moment and you go and stack?
Ihr ein zähes Mädchen und Sie auf Ihrem Rad sofort sein werden.

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I can now put a face to a name but I'm oh so sorry that you have injured yourself.

There is no way I could enjoy Liam's massive one knowing that I could end up broken and in pain.

I'm going to stay home, eat some comfort food and maybe watch a romcom or two.

Get well Caro.

craigs's picture

sorry to hear Caro. get well soon.

Flynny's picture

Back up and killing it for the Lithgow explore Caro..
Otherwise we have ourselves a shuttle driver:)

Get well soon.

Caro's picture

Thanks guys...

not sure that I'll go down your path of fast-track 'healing' carlgroover?! I secretly think you are actually made of something else but flesh, bones and muscles. If you reveal yourself as Clark Kent/Superman one day I wouldn't be surprised. Nooooo way am I that tough!!! Smiling

Flynny, your ears must have been ringing last night when I whinged to Liam about not being able to ride at Lithgow. You have no idea how much I was looking forward that ride (for months!!!), especially now with riding the Stinky!!!!! Arrgghh! But that's 6 weeks away (=cut off to get rid of the sling, hehe) .. so driving could be an option! Sticking out tongue We will see...

Christine looks like you have to take over now... I'll be there with Sam and the camera, hehe!

P.S. look out for trees! I am sure the one I hit jumped out in front of me Eye-wink!!!

Stuart M's picture

from the look on your face. Hope you get better soon.

I also have a thought for Beany that may ease your recovery.

You obviously can't do Liams MNBR and it would seem that Beany is also now put off by the size of Liam's ride and the possible damage it may cause, so maybe he could come over to your place and help massage away some of the tension. I'm guessing he is the sensitive, gentle type so I don't think you'll be in any danger of further injury. Just a thought is all, I will leave the details up to you two.

Caro's picture

it always amazes me how thoughtful you are and what caring ideas you have! Unfortunately I'll be in hospital tomorrow recovering from (typing too much with my left hand) errrr I mean from surgery! Sticking out tongue

v's picture

hey Caro
I am new on Nobmob but as a girl that had crashed many times... ( trees are trully moving!!)
I know that it is not much fun to be away from the bike ....BUT if you have a stationary bike you can spin your legs a bit just to have the feeling ( I know that it is not really fun BUT it is better than nothing ;O) )you can do that with one arme trust me ;O)
Otherwise good luck and maybe cya at some stage when you will be back on the bike

Paul's picture

Why should Beany get all the fun, I have a sensitive and gentle side too (I nearly cried in Rocky III). Alternatively I can just leave Zaac and Madde with Caro while I go on Liam's ride.

Get well Caro

P.S. Damn just read that Caro's in hospital, so no riding for me

Peter R's picture

Have to rest the Stinky for next year.
See ya soon

Bruce's picture

You will be back to riding like this in no time

ar_junkie's picture

Rub it in why don't ya?

Jokes aside, that's unfortunate news Caro... Sad
At least this way you (should) be guaranteed that it will heal correctly, the first time and not have to entertain the idea of having it reset after 4-6 weeks of recovery!

Besides, maybe when you're ready to return to the trails, more tracks will be open and Liam will have started wearing Lycra...
Oh wait, you can tick off one of those already!

Take care and enjoy the anaesthetic while you can!

Little-Ditty's picture

Memories!! Smiling

lorrie's picture

You can have my magnetic indoor trainer if you want. I think it might help to introduce Liam to another type of bike Eye-wink

Brian's picture

Get well soon and I hope you have a speedy recovery.

christine's picture

had the operation last night and was most entertaing for Liam, Sam, Cupcake and myself to visit because she was still on the drugs! Of course, today, being Caro, she sees no reason why she can't go home this afternoon...Legend Nobette Smiling
Her mobile is on and working...

Caro's picture

thanks for sharing my embarrassing moments Christine, glad that at least I!!! can't remember much at all Smiling

Indeed I am back home and feel already better than before the surgery.

The Dr. said it went really well but a bit different than expected. Apparently it was not a clear break as we thought from the X-rays but one part was splintered into 7 pieces, so he had to find all the bits and bobs and put it back together. the other side of the bone was stuck in my shoulder muscle and had to be pulled out and the muscle had to be sewed together.

Now all is good and fixed together and already in the middle of healing Smiling

Thanks for the indoor trainer ideas, V & Co. will see how things will work out. Never warmed to these things but Thanks for the offer!

Back to rest on the couch now Smiling
Have a great time wherever you are/ride tomorrow Smiling


evan's picture

Glad to hear your out and on the mend.
Rest up and we will see you on the trails soon.


Matt P's picture

You'd be most welcome to borrow Roam or The Collective however that might also be rubbing it in.

(Just don't watch the Matt Hunter crash).

Little-Ditty's picture

She already has Roam. Although I think you are right Matt, that would be rubbing it in. Sticking out tongue Plus, after watching the Whistler section, she would probably say, "this is how I got into this mess". Smiling

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