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all screwed up

Caro's picture

By Caro - Posted on 17 November 2008

I don't normally post pictures of my injuries but I thought this might be worth it Smiling
A bit scary...

ar_junkie's picture

We knew you were hardcore Caro, but now you're going to have the metalwork to go with!

Hopefully it will mend quickly and be better than before... Eye-wink

PS - what are the 2 bending toothbrush looking things doing?

Bernd's picture

... travel by airplane!!!!
Yes, she is cool,
Get well soon,

Harry's picture

Sore just to look at, hope it heals quickly for you.

Paul's picture

Caro - are you now part machine!

That is a cool picture.

Rob's picture

I'd imagine these are 'work in progress' shots to check everything is lined up OK? The toothbrush things are probably retractors, right? Ie. they are still holding the incision open.

Little-Ditty's picture

Yes, that's the name name, retractors. That's what we thought it was too.

Carolin is the new german accented cyborg that you should avoid meeting in any dark alleyways.

Bruce's picture

I can see that little hook bit you were talking about Caro, no wonder it gives you trouble when moving around.
Lets hope for a speedy recovery so they can get that thing out of there.

Caro's picture

watch out Sticking out tongue
at least for the next 3 months until this thing will be taken out!
Mmmh ... 'mini rake' = 'retractor' yes? Very fancy.. Another new vocabulary.. tick.. cheers Eye-wink

Andy Bloot's picture

the thing I clean my cassette with

delicious's picture

Meeting Caro in a dark alley wouldn't be all that bad...

Stuart M's picture

looks like you might have some competition

Hans's picture

Most important question...

Are the metal pieces made of Titanium or CroMoly?

(Titanium looks better on the bike) Eye-wink

Hope it all heals up well Smiling

Rgds, Hans
May all your (future) lines be the right ones...

evan's picture

Damn Caro, that's some nice metal work.
Hope you mend quickly.


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