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Church Sign...

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By Hans - Posted on 16 February 2009


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Does anyone else not get this? Sticking out tongue

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your weekends frivolity just passed.

Nobmob scores, Groover in first yet again, mixed team finishing 3, a podium first for several

Punishment from above, it rained all weekend, miserable conditions.

Its on a church sign to reflect the damnation from above, as suggested in the previous point.

All done on a church board that Hans has no control over, very funny, OK maybe slightly funny depending on your sense of humour. A bit like those moving bulletin boards for individuals running for US president we all had a laugh at last year Eye-wink

Maybe the rain killed something other than your brake pads mate, just joking of course

Let there be light

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Actually I thought it was pretty clever Sticking out tongue

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you question

Let there be light

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