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By Bernd - Posted on 16 February 2009

69er finish'd yeahhhhhhhhh

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-Damien for the fantastic advice and gr8t Fork and the nearly new tyre!
-Nic (slowup) for the SS convertor kit.
-Bri for the handle bar.
-Rob for ordering the 29er rim and hub for me.
-Paul for the brakes (had them on the Hardtail for a while) and for the gr8t advice as well.
-TWE "Greg" for building the wheel for me
Thanks to all and I hope I have not forgotten anyone, ahhh Stuart thanks for lending me some bike tools!!!!
lets ride the SS and see how I go......

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Nice one Bernd.

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Beware the small rotor with minimal surface area. These have a way of letting you down when you need them most.

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and had this one on a lot of times on different bikes,(raced dirtworks with that one) had no problem jet! but can see your point!

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Bernd - looking good.

No more chain suck - we should probably get out for a spin on the weekend

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it looks like a Monster.... big bl$%#dy wheel!!!
I will be at TH on Sunday morning with my Team mate's, let you know what time, I will post a ride, when I know what time suit's everyone!!

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