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Ditty's damage

Bruce's picture

By Bruce - Posted on 18 May 2009

This is what happens when a peddal hits you in the face. Ouch!

Rob's picture

... but why is he bleeding? Eye-wink

I notice the goggles and assume he was wearing full face - so how on earth did that happen!?

Caro's picture

not wearing your armour/protective gear Eye-wink
Goggles around the neck ..... mmmmmh.... don't help much
Thank you to the guardian angel who protected your eye! Smiling

ar_junkie's picture

Bad luck mate... hope you heal up quick!

Does this jeopardise your forehead modelling contract? Shocked

Bernd's picture

like to know if Liam was wearing full or "normal" bike helmet????
get well soon, hard luck, mate.....

LadyToast's picture

Looks nasty mate.. mend well.

bikemad's picture

chicks dig scar's(gotta keep that glass half full!)Smiling

christine's picture

you are sooooo lucky you arent due to be on a team event this weekend - are you ok and are you still coming away?
that must have SO hurt - tough guy - where is Beany about now.. Smiling

delicious's picture

Why weren't you smiling in this photo?
Get well soon. I'm pleased no part of is actually broken. And yes, chicks dig scars...

Carlgroover's picture

Chicks don't dig the Frankenstein look he's sporting in the pic though.
Heal fast Liam, we need you this weekend!

Little-Ditty's picture

Thanks all for the concern and humorous comments. Laughing out loud They were much appreciated. I love you all.

The damage was more than the photo shows. I have a possible broken bone in my hand - which has been x-rayed - but no conclusion as to whether there is a hairline break or not. Also have some rotator cuff damage, and other ligament damage to my left shoulder. I will heal, and get back out there soon!

Groover, I am borderline for riding this weekend at Mt York. A physio has already told me not to ride a bike for another week. But if there is no break in my hand, I may conveniently ignore that advice. Smiling

LadyToast's picture

Will be good to have you along mate.. if only to take the pi55 at your granny pace Smiling

Rob's picture

I note you have quietly avoided telling everyone how this happened so it must be very embarrassing.

Who else was there? Come on and dish the dirt! Sticking out tongue

Little-Ditty's picture

No, simply forgot. Eye-wink

Stacked after one of the drops on Oxford Falls, where there is a small jump with a turn in the middle of it. Simply got the approach a bit wrong, then couldn't really control the landing. More a lack of concentration, or skill. Lee saw it. He was cool and provided the appropriate first aid. What a champ. Cool

I was not wearing the goggles, but was wearing a full face helmet. Sometimes I find it easier to ride without the goggles. Normally this should not have been a problem jump - I have done it dozens of times in the past. Live and learn, I guess. Smiling

Hasbeen Racing's picture

Love that quote. How's the helmet?

Little-Ditty's picture

No issues with the helmet. It wasn't a fast stack.

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