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Carbon Helmet Light Mount

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By Slowpup - Posted on 08 July 2009

Prototype helmet mount for Squidled.

Carbon fibre lay-up and a three piece mold. This is the smallest thing I have ever molded in CF, and the mold was a nightmare to design, but the part popped out as easy as anything!

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When do these go into production? This would go well with my new bike build Smiling

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That whole setup is extremely hot. are you selling them? how much?

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Blue set for the bars
And red for the lid, thanks
What are we up for

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This helmet bracket is my prototype, done in about 3 - 4 hours over the weekend and Monday night. I'll be making a slightly modified and improved one this weekend, and a handlebar mount in Carbon too. The helmet bracket will possibly fit an Ay-Up too when redesigned.

Wait a few weeks or PM me for info offsite.

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Great mount!

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What awesome job you have done. Rival any of the know brands.


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