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Legal Singletrack in Winston Hills

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By herzog - Posted on 20 July 2009

When the Singletrack near the M2 at Winston Hills was discussed a while back, a few people wanted confirmation that it was bike legal.

I recently took a photo of the signage.

The pic is from the phone, so it's not great, but you can clearly make out the two separate signs, one indicating it's a Shared Pathway, with a picture of a bike and a walker.

Also note the sign at the top "Offroad Cycle Link"

Clearly the councils can manage what the National Parks largely cannot.

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i see the sign says it goes through to Loyalty road but where is the start of the trail?

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Bottom of Ventura rd in Winston hills.

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Just to clarify ventura street is in Baulkham hills and is legal as shown by the sign. The single track in winston hills which has been discussed here and is detailed in the trailflix toongabbie section, is unclear on its position in regards to bikes

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Here you go:

Anyone got a GPS of this stuff?

It's interesting to see, 'Darling Mills State Forest' marked on the map a little NE of there. Looks quiet a decent sized chunk of greenery to be honest.

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Ok, here's the track I'm talking about, and we discussed a while back in here.

It actually crosses about 5 suburbs, including Winston Hills, Northmead, Baulkham Hills, Carlingford and North Rocks.

It has several entry points and can be accessed from each of these suburbs. The sign is at the bottom of Ventura Road (Google maps says this location is in Northmead).

Not to be confused with Toongabbie Creek - I have no idea on that one.

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the bit off Haines Ave under the M2
the track down is steep, stepped and irregular
it'd be carry
and not sure of the signage at that point, would need to go back and check.
I'd take my bike for a walk if needed if you want a commentary and KML

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Yes you're right, there is a short Hike-a-Bike at that point.

Assuming you do the loop clockwise (which is the best way to do it), just after you exit the south end of the tunnel under the M2, there's about a 50 metre carry up to that Haines avenue you mentioned.

You can download my KML file from here:

Also some guy on Bikely has done a really good commentary. Search for Bidjigal Reserve Director's Cut.

It's a fun ride, with a bit of everything, including plenty of singletrack, and it never seems to get busy.

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