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That wasnt meant to happen....

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Reader warning: Settle in - this will be a long one!

Lets start with the specifics - I came 7th, which turns out to be my best finishing position at The Fling. I also had the most in any bike race I have had for years. Any previously lost mojo seems to have been returned, with interest, and along with it came good(ish) legs and a carefree spirit.

But there was so much about the race that wrong. Furthermore, almost every aspect of this event was contrary to how anyone would advise you to go about it.

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Fling + a few km...

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This was my big comeback event following my crash back in March. I’ve been doing lots of base km over the last 2 months but no specific training yet so came to the event knowing I’m underdone but desperate to have a go.

I also built a new bike during the week and only tested it on the road over few short km.

We arrived half hour before the start, checked in then arrived at the event centre to be surprised at how few cars were parked compared to previous years. Another shrinking event? Not sure what’s happening to our sport but events are getting smaller.

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Another good Fling...

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Weather was not real auspicious on the drive down on Saturday arvo and it continued misty / drizzly into the night. I never sleep well under canvas when it's wet, so woke up well before the bagpipes and feeling like I could do with a few more hours.

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Rocky Trail Shimano GP Rd 6 4Hr

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First race as an over 60 competitor and first podium!

Pity there were no other old bastards willing to tackle the hills and heat out at Mowbray Park, as first in a field of 1 does not mean much other than a free 6-pack of sponsors beer. Smiling - not sure who to thank, as I got 6 Peroni in a Bakalar Beer package!

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My Kowalski 100

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Ok. So it wasn't my smartest decision. But it was my decision. To ride with a crappy chest infection whilst on all manner of "medicine", and completely against all medical advice. But such is the draw of the Kowalski.

My prep had been good, as was everyone else's on the team, but a family weekend away the weekend prior didn't see me finalising my training. What's worse is I returned with an URTI... Bugger. The best chance of riding well was to get as much rest as possible.

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Entering the hurt box

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Once again I packed up the bike and family to have another go at the Kowalski Classic. Staying at our relatives place makes logistics easier for events away from home and, for me, it really makes a difference having familiar surrounds at which to 'base' yourself for the weekend.

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Kowalski 100 - A Classic Indeed

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Super race at the Kowalski Classic yesterday. A huge mental effort to take on so much single trail and pretty happy to finish 2nd in Grand Masters.

I was really looking forward to this event after having possibly my best ride to date at the race last year only to have a ripped sidewall near the finish and also to follow up from victory at the Convict last month. Lead up was good but also a little unsettled after a bump on my dodgy arm during the week.

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Kowalski Classic 100 2015

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What a race!

First thing was the goodie bag, socks, bottle, stem cap, free beer at the hotel, not essential but a welcome addition and a way to make you feel like you're goetting value for money - thanks Smiling

Start was good and I seeded myself mid pack of the 2nd wave which was perfect for my pace. There was very little passing in the first 25km as everyone was well suited on the climbs and the singletrack. This meant that there was no traffic even on the stairway to heaven.

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A Tale of Two Races and a Missing Mojo

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The last two weekends have been races for me, the first in Queensland at the Flight Center Epic, and then the Kowalski Classic.
I have been pretty fit of late, and have avoided the various sicknesses and ailments that have been shared in my office, so was in pretty good spirits heading up to QLD.

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