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Pairs Racing - It Takes Two to Tango...

Hi all,
I have been thinking a fair time about the decline of Marathon racing in Australia, and what can be done. I look at what is growing in popularity here and overseas and it would seem like pairs racing is really where things are happening.

There is an awful lot to like about it.
I put down some of my thoughts in an article for - and thought you would enjoy the read too...

Really happy to have a discussion about it here, or on the forum link I made...

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NoBMoB Xmas Social Ride - 10 Lessons Learnt

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Four years ago, Nobmob (and other) social rides were a common routine. But when I saw this ride posted after a year of training and racing (among a few other things such a "bit" of study/work), I realized I haven't done any social rides the whole year. As much as nobmobbers tell me I have a lot to teach them about what happens near the front of a race, the reality is, you're the ones teaching me.

Below is a list of what you guys taught me (that maybe I knew once upon a time, but forgot) today:

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Keepit Real 100

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Thought I'd keep the racing season going a bit longer after the Fling and also just had to give the new Niner Jet9 a workout, so drove up to this event, about 5 hrs north of Sydney, near Gunnedah and Tamworth (or as near as things get out there).

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It Needs to Matter

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Every now and again, particularly when I am on a post-race high, I get some sort of reflective thought regarding my cycling (and other various physical activities I do) that I ponder on and have tried to string these into words and share on my Nobmob blog. I refer to them my "cyclelogy" blogs - rather than a report on a particular race in which I have just destroyed myself, but about the activity of riding a bike and what it means to me psychologically, mentally and emotionally, so my buzz from last weekend's Highland Fling has gotten me wound up to write a new one.

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HIghland Fling second attempt - much better!

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11am Saturday morning on Freshwater Beach, I'm supervising my kids in the water, antsy to hit the road for Bundanoon. Meant to pick up my mates at lunchtime but already I can see I'll run late. It's blistering in the sun. On whatsapp to update the lads. They're good to go. A few errands to run, clean out the boot of the behemoth Kia Grand Carnival, and we're ready to be loaded with swags, gear and 3 x MTBs.

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Full Fling 2015

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Living in Sydney allows an early morning drive to a couple of the bigger events depending on how far you are willing to drive and how early you want to get up. I decided to drive up early morning, so a 3.50am wake up was followed a quick shower and out the door I went for the 1.5 hr drive down to Bundanoon arriving at 5.45am.Pre -race was pretty straight forward with registration and getting the bike and my nutritional supplies all set up. Just past 7am I was up at the start line wondering if there was waves, however we all went off about 7.25am in a one group.
Stage 1

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Dirty deeds done dirt cheap

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After watching AC/DC strut their stuff at ANZ stadium last Wednesday I was convinced that if a group of blokes the same age as my old man could go hard for 2 hours then I was ready to to take on my 2nd Fling. Impressive concert by the way!

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the first fling has me feeling f.........

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Hiya all, josh here

Being that, this be me first fling, having no idea what to expect, to me was a huge bonus allllllllthough
my first thoughts of this race was it will be hoot, not easy but not mega hard. But then i started to read and look into this fling thing in the highlands and ummm errrrr its reading a-lot harder than i thought.

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"Fling Like nobody's listening!"

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Another year of racing gone by! Where does time go? Well, I suppose "All Good Flings" come to an end...

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Who let the cows out?

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I didn’t expect to end up in the middle of a cattle muster at the Fling, but that’s how I spent part of my race on Sunday.

I went into this race not sure how I would go. Last year my training was very structured and consistently around 12 hours+ per week. That resulted in 11th place in a field of nearly 300. This year it was more like 7 hours a week, but did include some power-based training at Cycle Studio with James Lamb (highly recommended). Overall I knew I was reasonably fit, but not sure if I was as fit as last year.

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