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Just the right amount of mud

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With a hectic work schedule over winter I was looking forward to my 3rd 50km Kowalski Classic and a weekend away in the nation's capital. Having the race postponed was a good thing for me and allowed a full recovery from a rather nasty flu in September.

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Half Kowalski with a bit of mud and wind

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I'm kinda glad the race got postponed as I couldn't imagine riding the trails last month after that amount of rain they've had in Canberra. Overall the trails were in really great condition, some entry points were a mudfest with really soft energy sapping mudfest.

My time is about the same (1 minute slower) as the time I did my last half Kowalski in 2014, but my overall position improved from 133rd to 83rd and my category position improved slightly from 26th to 23rd. Next year I will aim to be in the top 20 for my category.

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Kowalski 2016 - a tale of 2 halves

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Kowalski 2016

The Kowalski Classic is one race in the year that I really don't like to miss. The amount and quality of singletrack really make it unique and also perhaps the toughest race on the calendar. After a long wet winter I had almost no time on the mtb but I had been doing plenty of road km's in preparation for the Tassie 3 peaks. So I was pretty fit and raring to go! No excuses this time!

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Another rocky tale...

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After the late transfer from a wet Mt Annan to Awaba, a wild, wet and windy Friday night in Sydney had me thinking it would be a rough day. Obviously many others did as well, as the field was pretty thin. Hadn't been to Awaba for a few years, so rode the first lap blind. At my pace that's not too much of a drama. Decided to save the knees a bit by taking what I now know to be the much longer B line up Camelback the first time, but lost a lot of time and spent most of the rest of the first lap catching up to those that I had been riding near.

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Cold but fun ourimbah

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It was a rather cold start to the day with the car showing a minimum of 4.5 degrees on the drive up to ourimbah and it had me considering why I was doing this again. But when I got to the trail I caught up with Daniel (my team mate) and fatboy. Daniel and I performed a recce by discussing the trail with other riders as neither of us had ridden it before. In hindsight maybe we shouldn't have done this as everyone made out the drop zone to be worse than what it was and made Daniel and I think about taking the b line, shock horror.

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Nice track, ordinary ride

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Preparation for this race was abysmal, with 3 weeks overseas without a bike or even a hotel gym to work with. Got into Sydney at 6.00 am Wednesday after an overnight flight, so dealing with jet lag and lingering gastric problems from some dodgy seafood in Singapore. Quick spin on Wednesday after a nap, then up to Ourimbah for a couple of laps on Thursday, because I hadn't been there for a few years. Felt OK, so got my entry in. Went for another spin on Friday morning and felt really flat. Put it down to the fact that it was really cold and started raining just after I went out.

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Shimano GP 4hr at Ourimbah

The last time I rode Ourimbah was 2 years ago for the same race.
Today was freezing cold, but somehow that made me less fatigued.

Enjoyed every single lap. I finished 2 seconds after the 4 hr mark, if I didn't go for a toilet break after the 1st lap I would've had time to do a 7th lap.

Coming in at 9th place for my age category(30-39) I was stoked, best results in a race so far !

I really need to learn to descent faster though, I was able to overtake guys when the trail goes up up but on the way down the guys I overtook would overtake me Sad

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How good is Ourimbah?

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I’m going to indulge in this write up because it turned out to be significant!

On the way home from the race Liz told me she had something pop up on Facebook saying today was exactly 12 months since my first ride after my big accident – I was off the bike for 95 days. Today was also my first podium result in a race.

So back up a few days, I was training ok and knew if I finished top 6 today I’d secure 3rd for the series with 1 round to go. Then I came down with a cold… The last 3 days I’ve struggled to get out of bed.

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Great day out!

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It was a cold morning and I was coming off a hectific few weeks at a new job and carrying a cold so not much training for the last 2 weeks.

@ahein and I teamed up and decided late that we'd just do the 4 hour. A very good decission that made it a fun day rather than a hard slog. We agreed that I'd head out first, a decission I realised would possibly have me doing 4 laps... Into the first lap with the cold air and still a bit sick I felt like I was riding with about 70 lung capacity. Pushed through it though a happy with the first lap just under 40 minutes.

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