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Adjusting the AIR pressure on Marzocchi

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By Christoffa - Posted on 12 January 2010

Hi Guys & Gals,
I am totally confused by this task, when I adjust the pressure in my forks according to the manual they are as hard as, I have followed the directions to the letter oil levels and air pressures to set up. my question is do I put 3 bar in each or just the left.

oil 35 mm from top when fully compressed
air 3-3.5 bar (about 50psi)

in one leg it feels ok and givs me sag of about 20%

in two legs hard as honey mooners D**k no sag

any help or advise welcome.

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What model Marzocchi? Some are air/coil sprung so only need air in one side, and generally very little.

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They are air air, no coil the manual states 35 psi but is unclear as to either or both legs . . .

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taking it to the shop for a pro to fix it Smiling
i recommend this one
shame on me for that shameless plug!

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I have Marzocchi bombers and i only put about 9psi in both shocks.

A good way to determine the pressure needed in ur shocks is to put a zip lock around the piston arm itself. Then go for a ride and the zip lock will slide up the arm and record where the largest displacement reached. Then just adjust the pressure gradually until you get it where you want it to be.

- Luke

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I have Marz 2006 66SL forks and I round the pressures in the book aren't real good. I run from memory 55psi in one leg, 45 in the other leg and 4 pumps in the PAR chamber (can't measure the pressure as the guage on my shock pump doesn't go low enough, even the other chambers aren't accurate enough. I've just got to get another Autometer guage and adapt it to the pump like i did with my floor pump for my tyres to get an accurate reading.

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