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What is your #1 MTB accessory?

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By Tim28 - Posted on 13 January 2007

7% (3 votes)
Helmet (or other) Cam
7% (3 votes)
2% (1 vote)
Hydration Backpack
64% (27 votes)
Other Packs/Bags/Etc.
2% (1 vote)
2% (1 vote)
5% (2 votes)
0% (0 votes)
7% (3 votes)
2% (1 vote)
Total votes: 42
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This is tricky, 'cos there's lots of MTB toys to play with Eye-wink

However, I have to vote hydration pack in this case, 'cos it's the one thing I never, ever ride without.

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Dude, you forgot protection!! I never go riding without my armour ---> elbow and knee/shin guards.

They are great for preventing extra holes getting punched where they're not wanted.

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I think it all depends on the ride...simple track with nothing stupid I'd go with hydration pack...going somewhere alone and never been to I'd say a GPS...and pads for a track where I know I've stuffed up (eg, Menai)

But hmm...probably the hydration pack is the most important....

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Thanks for fixing up the poll Rob.


P.S. I have to say tools. How can you have a working bike if you dont have any tools. Even just a multi tool or allen keys. Unless you just take it to the bike shop. (and tell them to mount a pump to your frame)


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good idea for a poll mate. i agree with the tools comment


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your helmets?!!!

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Well - given that a helmet is mandatory it's not in the list. Guess it's grouped under pads/guards/etc. if you really want to vote that way.

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sorry! I mis read the list - and ignored the 'cam' bit!!!
shall quietly go back to work now...

Little-Ditty's picture

Quietly go back to work? I thought you were the unsilent minority? Smiling

Rob's picture

Talking of helmet cams, I noticed today that Digital City have the Oregon Scientific AT18 for $169:

2Gb of SD can be had for $40-50 which should be good for an hour of 640x480x30fps video.

Any takers?

Stuart M's picture

I have unfortunately spent my indulgence money for the next couple of months on my new lights. Rebel also have them from around this price and occasionaly have store wide sales.

My prob would be Rob, as you said, that helmet cams are best when you follow someone and I've got bugger all chance of keeping up with most of you!

I reckon Pikey should spring for one of these so the majority can experience what it would be like to "jump" of rock platforms without ramps

Oh well, back to dreaming about the unlikely for me

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Usually, I would ramp myself up to jump on a comment like that but my enthusiasm has platformed.

Rock on!

Greg Eye-wink

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My understanding is that the site is american so it is in US dollars. This brings the ammount to $214 australian. I could be wrong though.

Anyone still interested Eye-wink


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Nope, the flyer I have right is defo Aussie, and it's $169 for the AT18.

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have then for $169 and Power House has a 2GB SD card for $69. Saw both today while up there with the kids. So you could walk outta there this arvo, $238 lighter but ready to film this weekends exploits.

Surely someone can. Tien what about you. You could show everyone what its like to go OTB in loose sand. Hehe. Sorry mate.

I could show everyone what its ike to come to a dead stop at the top of nearly every tech section.

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My bad,

I just thought it was too good to be true.

Thats really good compared to other brands.

May get one.


Stuart M's picture

have a look at the video quality. It is suprising good compared to others I've seen, particularly those that need a recording device of some sort and usually cost alot more.

Rob's picture

Hmmm... well, the demo on the OS site is a bit lame, but check here:

More precisely, these are linked bottom of the file:



Hmmm... colour's not the best, and also there seems to be this jumping around where the picture seems to get compressed vertically and then jump back to normal quickly. Or is that me? Saw a few other demos on YouTube, but their cr@ppy compression system isn't a fair representation of the quality.

What you see from the above is pretty much what you can expect from making a trails vid.

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