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Qurimbah 13-1-07

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By pikey - Posted on 14 January 2007

I have either a meniscal (cartilage) tear, a simple sprain or an internal ligamentous or cartilage tear. (Twisted Knee in other words)

Its sort of fine when walking normal (with a limp) but turn on it and I'm reminded very quickly of Ourimbah. It will come good soon.

At least Gary saw my wipe-out! If you look at the pic I posted of Gary clearing the horizontal logs well I did the same but then bounced into a tree out of view, Doh! Stupid Fauna!!

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Mate, that's some kind of swelling on that knee!!

Go hard or go home. Well, now that you've done that, you can go home - and enjoy the rest! Sticking out tongue

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Nah, Greg's just got fat knees, just need a few Warney pills and she'll be roight mate.

Seriously tho, hope it mends quick and isn't too serious, I remember what a sh1t it can be being stuck stir crazy.

Christine, I think you should send flowers, perhaps ride round there on a white charger (horse or car)... Or alternately just a six pack of Coopers finest palliative.

Ta ta,

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cant remember if you had knee pads but the way you went down i dont think it mattered! twenty years ago i think we bounced a bit better. i dont know about you but i cant take a trip to the supermarket without coming back with some kind of ache or trolley strain Eye-wink

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But as you said they wouldn't have help anyway.

I blame my clipless peddles for the twist. Didn't have them bloody locked feet to peddle contraptions 22 years ago! From now on I'm not downhilling with them locked in.

I should be back on board Sat week



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