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Cracked Mission

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By nath69 - Posted on 06 May 2010

Hi All

Does anyone else on NobMob ride a Diamondback Mission???

I have a 2007 Mission which is such a well balanced and stable ride. Sadly it developed a crack in the downtube where the knucklebox pivot is attached to the frame. What is most disapointing is it happened riding a service trail (Charlottes Pass to Rawsons Pass) with my 7 year old. I did not even get to ride it at Thredbo and had to rent a Kona.

Reading other overseas forums, it seems to be a weekness with '07 and '08 models and has been addressed since and DB USA have honored all claims. My LBS has been doing all in their power to get it warrantied by Pacific Brands and they deserve a lot of praise. Unfortunatly, Diamondback will only be available through Big W in Australia meaning the Mission will no longer be available here. a 2010 model would be sweet though!!!

Moral of the story, if you own a 2007 - 08 Mission, check it for cracks regularly and keep sweet with the LBS.

PS: Mission frame is available here re-labelled as a Focus and they do look nice!

Keep Safe

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Jeepers, talk about a quick way to destroy a brand! Shocked

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I have one.. the Mission 3, I thought I had the only one?

I have probably done thousands of Kilometers on it, most of them Red Hill and its not cracked yet, although the pivot bearings are just about buggered, the shocks need servicing and it needs another BB.. so its kinda been around the block.

Hope you get a replacement frame

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Hi Obmal, what year model is yours? Do you still have the OE rear air shock on?

Distribution of lower spec models through Big W will definitly bring the Australian public's perception of the brand down to the level of Malvern Star, Huffy, Repco etc. Shame really as they do some really nice bikes for Nth America and Focus Bikes for Europe.

Seems to be who owns who. Derby owns Focus and Raleigh who own Diamondback etc etc etc. and who has distribution rights and what brands they distribute within Australia. Pacific brands who import DB also do Haro and NORCO and it comes down to their particular portfolio and what is covered by what brand.

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mines an 08 anodized with rp23.

I think they are an underrated ( and rare ) bike, I call it my Red Hill bike.

If mine was to crack and i could not get a new frame, I'd consider welding/strengthening it.

is yours anodized and what size frame?

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